Recent Bookings – Aug 2009

Iris R – Nicorette – Commercial Pt
Barbara M – Trimark – Commercial Pt
Luu Triplets – Billy Talent Music Video
Matt B – The Basement (Lead) – Feature Film
Sophie J – Trilogy – Short Film
David L – Breakout #7 (Lead) – TV Series
Paul N – Breakout #9 (Lead) – TV Series
Shannon T – Project Decore – TV Commercial
Matt M – Cold Blood (Lead) – TV Series
Jessica D – Valemont – Feature Film
Lauren S – Nike – TV Commercial
Rob C – Corel – TV Commercial
Jamie H – Breakout #8 (Lead) – TV Series
Amelle B, Chris O & Claudio C – Ancients Behaving Badly – TV Series
Jason S – Aftermath – TV Series
Daniel C – Kodak – TV Commercial
Chihiro H – Ford Lincoln – TV Commercial
Dianne D, Daniel P & David T – Psychic Investigation – TV Series
Iris R, David L, Cecil L – Aftermath – TV Series
Andrew B – Aftermath (Lead) – TV Series
Janet L, Jamie H & Ash B – Project Gas – TV Commercial
Nicholas F – Project TV – TV Commercial
Bruno R, Matt M, Rob C – Cannon – TV Commercial
Milos S – Energy Savings – TV Commercial
Dianne D, Andrew B, Jason S – Psychic Investigations – TV Series
Aaron L – Dragon (Toy) – TV Commercial


About fulcheragency

Fulcher Agency is a principal agency representing union & non-union actors, fashion models, commercial models and kids ages 5 - 90. Well respected in the industry for over 25 years, our models and talent work locally and international in fashion shows, trade shows, catalogs, magazine, print ads, tv commercials, tv series, documentaries, infomercials, feature films and music videos.
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