First, Sip More Water

“If your body is dehydrated, your cells actually hold on to more water from what you eat and drink,” meaning you gain water weight and puffiness, says New York City dietition Marissa Lippert, R.D., Author of The Cheater’s Diet. Plus, water promotes healthy digestion. (Translation: You won’t be gassy, or backed up.) To reduce bloat, Lippert recommends that women sip 6 to 12 glasses a day, depending on their activity level and how hot is is outside- extra points if you squeeze in half a lemon. “It’s a favorite trick of mine,” says Lippert, who tells clients to drink a mug of hot water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. “It really Jump-starts your metabolism and digestive system and, frankly, it helps you go to the bathroom. Think about how you can clean your sink with a lemon. You can do the same with you insides.Glamour May 2010


About fulcheragency

Fulcher Agency is a principal agency representing union & non-union actors, fashion models, commercial models and kids ages 5 - 90. Well respected in the industry for over 25 years, our models and talent work locally and international in fashion shows, trade shows, catalogs, magazine, print ads, tv commercials, tv series, documentaries, infomercials, feature films and music videos.
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