Stand Up Straight!!

Your mom was right: Posture counts, big-time. Slouching pushes your hips and belly forward, making your body look heavier and your stomach appear poochier then they really are. What’s more, Slouching can even undo some of the benefits you get from workouts, says Pete McCall, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise. Think about it: How much time do you spend hunched over at your desk or in your car? Now compare that to the amount you spend on doing core-strengthening exercises. “It’s like getting a great workout and then stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home for a dozen Boston Creames. You’re sending two different, competing signals to your body,” McCall says. Sitting up straight or standing tall, on the other hand, is like an all-day abs workout, he says. To maintain good posture- that means shoulders back and down, belly button in and up, chin very slightly tucked – you must consistently engage your core. “Its a better way to cinch your waist than a lot of the messy sit-ups I see people doing,” he adds. Try sitting on the edge of your chair at work, at school or at home to discourage hunching, he suggests. Or download an application for your computer or smart phone like ProdMe, which will ping you every hour or so with a reminder to straighten up. Truly flatter abs in an instant!

Glamour Magazine 2010


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